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If "Real People" Commercials Were Real Life - CHEVY Last Truck Standing

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Chevy Trucks lead the pack when it comes to dependability. As in you're gonna need a dependable mechanic if you buy a Chevy. In this commercial, Chevy takes their fake focus group out in the middle of the Mojave Desert, unfortunately Chevy's don't do well in the heat. Twitter: @im_Mahk @comedian_ali IG: @im_Mahk @comedian_ali Snap: @comedian_ali -Credits- contributing writers: @SmackTownsend @ChrisRMatson @JamesBaileyhaha Huge shoutout to Mr. Remix for the outro song. Click here for the full song: If you want extras like early access, outtakes, longer cuts, alternate jokes and even your own personal Mahk. Go to This...
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